United States Coast Guard


CR Safguard XL Soft mattresses demonstrate compliance to MIL-STE-1623E (NAVY) which contains the fire-performance criteria that governs the shipboard furnishings of the US NAVY, and has been adopted by USCG for mattresses.      

NEW and IMPROVED to maximize comfort and increase softness!


  • Full Depth Fire- Resistant Foam Cushioning  
  • Eliminates Uncomfortable Metal Springs
  • Covered in Breathable Cotton Ticking
  • Four-Corner Box Cover Construction
  • Two Inverted Side Seams
  • Available in 4"- 5" Thickness for Comfort and Support

Why only 4-5"?

When it comes to our full depth fire-resistant foam cushioning, additional thickness does not equate to more comfort.  

Increasing the depth of the mattress increases firmness, which beyond 4-5" will be too stiff to sleep comfortably.





Available through GSA eBuy

GSA eBuy can be utilized for purchase of USCG mattresses.
Post the following description under Schedule: 65IIA, SIN A74.

"Fire-resistant mattresses with 100% cotton covering. All to comply with the fire performance properties within MIL-STD-1623E (NAVY). (Include size, quantity, and shipping address.)"

For instructions on how to use GSA ebuy, click HERE for the GSA issued powerpoint.

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