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Our partnership with correctional industries is of great importance. Through the years, our offerings to industry programs have increased to include mattress inserts, as well cushioning for furniture and specialty items. Multiple offerings to expand employment and increase sales to State and Municipal agencies.

Mattress Inserts

Jail & Detention

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Foam core of CR SAFGUARD forms a stable char in area exposed to flame, eliminating the mattress as a fuel source.

Durability of CR SAFGUARD allows for extended mattress use without premature compression.

Proper durability and thickness retention provides long term cost savings and lowers cost per incarcerated individual.

Recommended 3-4" thickness, sizing dimensions made to order.

Standard mattress and Built-in-Pillow option available.

CR Safguard XL core with the durable and flammable properties as CR SAFGUARD with increased softness.

Designed to allow additional comfort for special needs within detention facilities such as geriatric, pregnancy, or infirmary needs.

Pin-coring structure allows for additional softness in addition to the product material. Pin-coring creates additional comfort, less heat retention, and a dual comfort to suit any preference.

Recommended 2-4" thickness,  dimensions to fit you DoC needs.

High- Density Foam Cushioning Core - (1.8 Density)

Encapsulated in 1/2" of CR SAFGUARD fire-resistant foam barrier - providing unsurpassed fire performance

Durability that not only provides years of comfort, but also years of safety.


Additional Option Models:Siesta FFB - Flexible Fire Barrier

Duralux - Dual Sided with 1.5" of slow recovery foam


High-Resilient Waffle DesignDurable High-Density Foam in Torso Area

Firm Side Support

Surface Modification to Reduce Heat Retention  

Articulated Pivot Slots

Super Soft Heel Pad

Additional Option Models:Assurance SL - Sloped Heel Pad

Assurance SS - Side Supports

Assurance SR - Slow Recovery



Avoid thickness loss with resilient CR SAFGUARD cushioning fill.

Non-cracking PU coated covering extends service life and improves comfort, making it potentially less prone to vandalism.

Breaks the vicious cycle of continuous replacements providing cost savings to the facility.

Fire-resistance is unrivaled, having been tested to a multitude of full-scale burn scenarios of a corrections environment.

Fire Resistant Pillows

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The use of molded cushioning provides a multitude of benefits for office furniture applications including a reduction in cost and consistency in part dimensions.


Using higher density molded cushions also improves the quality, aesthetics, and durability of your finished seat.

Molded Cushioning

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