CR SAFGUARD detention pillows provide safety and comfort for confinement facilities. For years, high-risk pillows have become accepted frequent replacement items for detention facilities due to cracking of covers and flattening of the interior stuffing.

Our fire resistant pillows solve this past dilemma through the unique combination of CR Safguard fire-resistant shredded cushioning and quality nylon covering. Often provided by the facility or offered as a sale through commissary activity.


  • Avoid thickness loss with resilient CR SAFGUARD cushioning fill.
  • Non-cracking PU coated covering extends service life and improves comfort, making it potentially less prone to vandalism.
  • Breaks the vicious cycle of continuous replacements providing cost savings to the facility.
  • Fire-resistance is unrivaled, having been tested to a multitude of full-scale burn scenarios of a corrections environment.

Available in the following special detention pillow sizes:

1.  4.5 - 5" loft x  14" x  22"

2.  4.5 - 5" loft x  18" x  25"

Additional sizes available upon request. Width and length are based on the flat covering prior to insertion of foam filling.

In addition to PU coated nylon, our fire-resistant pillows are also offered with several vinyl covering options: blue, tan, reinforced transparent, and heavy duty, vandal resistant in green.


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