At Chestnut Ridge Foam, wall padding is included on our long list of fire safe cushioning products developed to enhance fire safety in numerous environments. While created for the safety of sport, conventional foam wall padding can be a dangerous potential fire hazard unbeknownst to many that are responsible for authoring and enforcing safety standards.


CR Safguard®

Fire-Resistant Wall Padding

Due to its excellent fire resistance, CR Safguard is the ultimate foam cushioning for use as wall padding. CR Safguard's fire resistance complies with ASTM E-84 Class A and NFPA 286 without having to use supplemental fire barriers. The use of CR Safguard padding greatly reduces both personal and agency liability by providing a level of fire safety that is well beyond the minimum standard.


Various densities are available to meet any desired firmness, for instance, CR Safguard XX-Firm was specifically developed to meet the impact attenuation performance requirements of ASTM F2440. Custom dimensions are also available as well as pads that require cut-to-shape.


Wall Padding


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