At Chestnut Ridge Foam, our fire-resistant seat cushioning maximizes safety in combination with comfort and durability with the use of our advanced fire-resistant products that are  fully compliant with FRA fire safety criteria.


CR Safguard XL was created with longevity in mind. Our fire-resistant cushioning offers durability that has been proven through in-service performance as well as rigorous, dynamic fatigue testing.


This testing has demonstrated CR Safguard XL’s  retention of thickness characteristics of only 3mm of permanent thickness loss after 1,000,000 cycles.*

CR Safguard XL



The durability of CR Safguard products combine long term cost savings with its extended service life. The  initial price comparison of similar products also offers considerable savings.  In comparison to silicon, CR Safguard XL is 3-4 times less expensive, and expected to easily provide the durability which extends beyond the upholstery life cycle.


Long-Lasting Comfort

To balance cost vs. service life of your vehicle seating, strategic use of both CR Safguard and CR Safguard XL can be utilized. Most often, CR Safguard is suggested for back cushions and headrests, while CR Safguard XL is recommended to maximize longevity of the more demanding bottom cushion application.


Both products are available in multiple firmness ranges and can be used alone or in combination to optimize comfortability.

Comfort Cushioning

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