Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. manufactures CR 1171 polychloroprene (neoprene) foam for the production of ink pads, and transfer or stenciling rollers. CR 1171 is an open cell, flexible latex foam. It is resistant to solvents in addition to excellent fluid transfer characteristics.


This product is available in sheets or in blocks.



Physical Property Specifications

Roller Foam Fluid application

Physical Property


Density, Apparent

(pounds/cubic feet)







Indentation Load Deflection

(25% Deflection at 2 in.)

(pounds/50 square inch)







Tensile ASTM D3574

(pounds/square inch)





Compression Set

50% Constant Deflection


Test Method


ASTM D3574








ASTM D1055









ASTM D3574



ASTM D3574



ASTM D1055


Specification Range


Medium                6.5-7.5

Firm                      7.5-8.5

1X-Firm                9.0-10.0

2X-Firm                10.0-11.0

3X-Firm                11.0-12.0

4X-Firm                18.0-22.0

5X-Firm                 24.0-28.0


Medium                30-45

Firm                     45-65

1X-Firm                70-90

2X-Firm                90-115

3X-Firm                115-135

4X-Firm                325-375

5X-Firm                725-800



10 Minimum



100 Minimum



10 Maximum


CR 1171

Roller Foam

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