The development of sleek and stylish seating that buyers desire can often be a costly and time consuming process. Many seat designs require multiple contours that take hours of skilled labor for a result that may be inconsistent. These factors affect time of completion, profit margins, and customer perception of quality.


The use of higher density, molded polyurethane cushions offers a multitude of advantages within the production process of your seats, bolsters or headrests.


High-End Results, Achieved Economically


One of the many benefits of the use of molded polyurethane cushioning is the striking aesthetics it provides for an interior. The molding process allows for multiple contours within a seat design that creates an impressive and high-end appearance for buyers.


The development of new cushioning designs or the conversion of cut-to-shape to molded is easily accomplished by our key design personnel. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we offer sample prototypes to depict the required contours and dimensions of the molded cushion, allowing validation of the part design and function prior to production.


Captian's Chairs Cushioning


The production of molded polyurethane begins with a form that is shaped to achieve your exact requirements. The use of this molding process eliminates profit-leaking scrap cushioning while providing dimensional accuracy for each and every cushion, as well as consistent firmness for your finished product.


Quality Control & Testing

Our full equipped laboratory allows us to adhere to the industry standards our customers demand. We are able to maintain consistent quality by testing products according to ASTM standards for firmness (IFD), density, and fatigue testing. Chestnut Ridge Foam is one of the few foam facilities that have these laboratory capabilities in-house.




Our full service manufacturing facility has the ability to generate parts quickly (within 24 hours) for time sensitive projects and can accommodate customers that have minimal annual needs. We service both large and small customers, some having needs of only 20 parts at a time.


High volume, multiple contour cushions will gain the most benefit from the molded process, but do not assume molding is beyond your production needs or budget constraints. Our team can easily do a cost comparison with your existing cut-to-shape cushion design at no cost to you!

Molded Cushioning

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