Comfort Cushioning


Chestnut Ridge Foam offers comfort cushioning for various seat applications that meet military requirements.

CR Safguard


Typically utilized for shipboard habitability products, this highly fire-resistant cushioning is designed for comfort and durability in accordance with military  performance specifications MIL-PRF-20092M and MIL-PRF-20092L.


When exposed to open flame sources, CR Safguard forms a stable char in the area exposed to the flame. This extensive engineering effectively eliminates the cushioning as a fuel source. Additionally, CR Safguard  is exceptionally durable which provides an extended service life while maintaining its original thickness.


Teaming with our trusted OEM upholstery seating manufacturers as well as retrofit furnishing providers ensure a quality, shipboard compliant finished product.


Application recipients most often include US Navy, USCG, and Military Sealift Command. CR Safguard is also used for applications requiring compliance to the SAE-AMS-R-5001 specification. This application is often for seat cushioning in military vehicles and foam packaging applications.



military cushioning

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Wescraft, Inc. is a San Diego-based mattress manufacturer and upholstery company. We specialize in MIL-SPEC fire-resistant shipboard habitability products and upholstery services intended for use on-board US Navy, USCG, Military Sealift Command and Commercial vessels.


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