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Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. manufactures pressure reduction and safety healthcare mattresses in various styles and sizes for acute, long term, and behavioral care. Our Careflex, Assurance, and Premier mattress lines are designed to keep your patients comfortable in their beds yet also maintain  the highest safety and sanitary requirements.


To better service our customers, we offer direct to facilities, eliminating the mark up of a distributor, saving budget dollars for our customers.


Acute & Long Term Care

Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc is honored to be a GSA Schedule Holder
with the VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)
Schedule 65II A - Medical Equipment and Supplies

Federal Supply Contract 36F79719D0081.

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The Assurance line was created with patient care in mind. This high density, multi-layered foam with soft heel padding provides the utmost comfort and the necessary pressure reduction characteristics for your patients. This design allows for durability and longevity and assures that the affordable choice will still surpass the needs of your facility.

Assurance Features

1. Loose Fitting Cover

2. Surface Modification to Reduce Heat Retention

3. Low Shear, Coated Nylon Covering

4. High-Resilient Waffle Design

5. Articulated Pivot Slots

6. Super Soft Heel Pad (Slope Option Shown)

7. Durable High-Density Foam in Torso Area

8. Firm Side Support

9. Internal Seams on Cover



Assurance Models


Assurance FP - Firm Side Cushioning

Assurance SL - Sloped Heel Pad

Assurance SS - Side Supports for Passive Restraint

Assurance SR - Slow Recovery

Behavioral Health

Available on:

Pressure Reduction Mattress


The Premier line provides a high level of safety for patients while maintaining the needed comfort characteristics. Premier is manufactured with a higher density, solid foam core and wrapped with two options of fire protection:  flexible fire barrier, or encapsulated with ½" of Safguard® fire-resistant foam.

The covering is a tighter vinyl cover with three interior sewn seams. The only exposed seam is covered with a CVV film to prevent tampering.

Premier F F B

1. High-Density Foam Core

2. Fire Barrier Fabric

3. Side Seams Prevent Fluid Contamination

4. No Taped Edges which Trap Impurities

5. Easy to Clean Covering


Premier Facility

1. High-Density Foam Core

2. Exterior Fire-Resistant Foam Cushioning

3. Side Seams Prevent Fluid Contamination

4. No Taped Edges which Trap Impurities

5. Easy to Clean Covering


Behavioral Mattress
Behaviorial Mattress

Available on:

Assurance Psych

1. Convoluted Top Foam Layer

2. Firm Perimeter

3. Side Seams Prevent Fluid Contamination

4. No Taped Edges which Trap Impurities

5. Easy to Clean Covering


Assurance Psychiatric Mattress

Assurance Psych

The Assurance Psych mattress offers additional comfort and flexibility. This mattress is designed with a convoluted top that decreases heat retention while providing more body contouring flexibility. The firm side perimeter allow patients to rest comfortably  while positioned safely in the center of the mattress. Cover Options include fluid resistant vinyl and neo-butyl backed nylon.


Specialty Mattresses

Bariatric Mattresses

Mattress is manufactured with high-density, multi-layered foam, combining long in-service life with pressure reduction characteristics.

Stretcher Mattress

Stretcher & Gurney Mattresses

Mattress is manufactured for use in healthcare, emergency, and rescue facilities. Supported with high-density foam, these mats are available for custom sizes to fit a wide array of transport carts.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. manufactures mattresses for use in hyperbaric chambers. These mattresses are constructed from a solid core of fire-resistant Safguard foam and covered with a soft black conductive material, offering maximum flame resistant protection. Two vents are installed in the cover to prevent inflating of the mattress cover in high pressure environments. Pillows for hyperbaric use are also available.



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