Physical Property Specifications

Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. manufactures CR 1004 polychloroprene (neoprene) foam for fluid application. CR 1004 is a latex with a high degree of resistance to solvents in addition to excellent fluid transfer characteristics.


End use application ranges from bingo ink markers, to face painting dispensers, as well as topical liquids for medical purposes.



Fluid applicator foam

Physical Property


Indentation (IFD)












Compression Set


Test Method


ASTM D1055

Measured at 2 inch thickness


ASTM D1055



ASTM D3574



ASTM D3574



ASTM D1055

50% constant deflection calculated per Para 19.1


Specification Range


50+10 pounds



9 pcf minimum



15 psi Minimum



250% Minimum



45% Maximum


CR 1004

Fluid Applicator

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