Healthcare Pressure Reduction Mattress



At Chestnut Ridge Foam, our partnership with correctional industries has always been a high priority. Through the years our offerings to industry programs have increased to include mattress inserts for detention, university, and healthcare as well as cushioning for pillows, office furniture and specialty items.

Mattress Inserts

Superior Fire Resistance

When exposed to ignition sources, our CR Safguard fire-resistant mattresses form a stable char in the area exposed to flame. This extensive engineering effectively eliminates the mattress as a fuel source within the cell, ensuring the safety of correctional officers, inmates, as well as the facility. Whether tested in small-scale or full-scale burn scenarios, the typical synthetic fiber mattresses present unacceptable fire performance risks in comparison to CR Safguard.


Lower the Cost per Inmate

The excellent durability of CR Safguard ensures a service life that has proven to be 2 to 3 times that of fiber type mattresses. This longevity breaks the vicious and costly cycle of frequent mattress replacements which translates into reduced budget dollars being spent annually on mattresses. Unlike fiber-type mattresses, CR Safguard maintains its original thickness throughout their service life.



CR Safguard Jail Prision Mattress
CR Safguard Jail Prison Mattress

cr safguard

College University Mattress Siesta
College University Mattress Siesta
College University Mattress Siesta

University - Siesta


Our Siesta mattress line is created for colleges and universities offering the combination of ultimate comfort, cost-savings, and safety. The versatility of the Siesta allows this mattress to also be used for healthcare, fire departments, state park cabins and more!


Comfort & Cost Savings

Flexible, full-depth foam that offers extended years of service. No wires to bend, break or squeak.



Encapsulated in our CR Safguard fire-resistant foam barrier or flexible fire fabric for increased fire protection.



Siesta FFB - Flexible Fire Barrier
Siesta FFB SR - Flexible Fire Barrier with 1.5" of memory foam
Siesta - Fire Resistant Foam Barrier

healthcare - Assurance

Our pressure reduction healthcare mattresses are offered in various styles and sizes for long term and behavioral care. Our Assurance mattress line is designed to keep patients comfortable yet also maintain the highest safety and sanitary requirements.



Our pressure reduction mattresses utilize multi-layered foam, each having a specific density for added comfort and support  that patients require.



Healthcare facilities require diverse forms of comfort and safety for their patients. Our mattress lines offer a multitude of choices for what would best suit your customer and their patients.

Healthcarre Pressure Reduction Mattress
Healthcare Pressure Reduction Mattress

furniture cushioning

pillow cushioning

The use of molded cushioning provides a multitude of benefits for furniture applications including a reduction in cost and consistency in part dimensions.


Using higher density molded cushions also improves the quality, aesthetics, and durability of your finished seat.


The process is simple to explore the economics of molded cushioning and see if it is beneficial for your contoured designs.


For use of manufacturing pillows, CR Safguard® pillow cushioning is offered in two options; shredded and ready to use, or in large bales for those that have foam shredding capabilities.

Molded Seat Cushioning
Fire-Resistant Foam Pillow

Cut-to-Shape cushioning is also available. Our complete design and sample department is capable of creating working prototypes.


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