The use of molded cushioning from Chestnut Ridge Foam proves a multitude of benefits for contract furniture. We offer assistance in converting your current or new designs to molded cushions, with blueprints and prototypes available through each step of the approval process.


Molded Cushioning

Cost Savings with the Highest Quality

We supply the highest quality molded cushioning for your most frequently requested designs.  Using molded cushions in lieu of cut-to-shape parts eliminates scrap, reduces labor costs and allows fast production of contoured designs. This benefits our customers through reduction in cost and improve in dimensional variations in parts.


Using higher density molded cushions also improves the quality, consistency, and durability of your finished seat. Extras such as wood or metal inserts (beneficial in headrests, armrests, etc.) and velcro placement can be molded in place as well.

Comfort Cushioning


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