Our Siesta and Nuvo mattresses are created for colleges and universities with the comfort your residents will love, and the cost savings our customers appreciate. With a continuous rotation of students within most residence halls, there are many factors that are imperative for a practical purchase of mattresses and at Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc., we are sure to meet those requirements with our Siesta and Nuvo mattresses.


Unsurpassed Durability

Our high density cushioning provides proven longevity  with its thickness and firmness retention, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Continued Comfort

Our 100% open-cell, resilient foam cushioning provides comfort for all sleeping positions. No squeaking, bent wires, or painful springs.

Siesta® Features


1. Fluid Resistant Coated Nylon or Vinyl


2. CR Safguard Fire-Resistant Foam Barrier


3. High Density Polyurethane





"I needed a new mattress, and a friend suggested to think back to whenever I slept the most comfortably. For me, I slept better than any time in my life when I went to college, so I got in touch with my alma-mater who led me to Chestnut Ridge Foam to track down the same mattress for my apartment."

- Sarah, Saint Vincent College '07 - '09

The mattress they Want...

Quality Construction

The engineering and creation of the Siesta mattress was made as a proactive approach to eliminate common mattress contaminants. The inverted side seams prevent bug penetration, the fluid resistant covering is easily wiped clean, and the sewn seams allow the unit to breathe minimizing the retention of body heat.


Proven Safety

The fire-resistant foam barrier achieves unsurpassed fire performance to help keep your residents safe. This concept eliminates the use of a fabric barrier which when damaged or deteriorated over time can leave the mattress vulnerable to flame.


Custom Options

Various sizes are available for the comfort of larger body frames. Replacement covers are also available to extend service life.


Siesta Safety

This video provides a true visualization for the dramatic comparison in fire performance between the Siesta and a traditional residence hall mattress using a commonly used stretch fabric barrier.


Siesta college university mattress

SiestaSR is a premium residence hall mattress designed for those who love options - two styles in one mattress!

Choose your comfort with a flip of a mattress!

One surface utilizes a 1-1/2” layer of high density, quality memory foam for those who enjoy the body conforming attribute of a slow recovery mattress. The opposite surface is constructed with a high density, traditional foam for those whose prefer classic comfort.



Comfort + Cost Savings

When a long-term cost savings does not fit into the short term budget constraints, our Nuvo mattress is the answer! Manufactured with a high density, solid foam core, Nuvo is wrapped with a flexible fire barrier that meets 16 CFR Part 1633. Replacement covers are also available to extend the life of the Nuvo mattress. This high-end comfort is offered at a low-end price point that fits within any budget for residential facilities.

1. High-Density Foam Core


2. Fire Barrier Fabric


3. Inverted Side Seams Prevent Bed Bugs and Contamination


4. No Taped Edges which Trap Impurities


5. Fluid-Resistant Covering which Easily Wipes Clean








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