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CR Safguard XL


The FMVSS 302 Truth

It’s long-standing myth that FMVSS 302 provides a safe level of fire protection on the interior of public transportation vehicles. The unfortunate truth reveals:


x Burns Rapidly & Profusely

x Emits Immense Volumes of Toxic Smoke

x Passengers, Operator, & Equipment at Risk


Our advanced CR Safguard XL incorporates fire-resistant technology that meets the FTA fire safety criteria for seating and best eliminates the hazards associated with FMVSS 302 cushioning.

All CR Safguard XL cushioning is manufactured utilizing a low smoke, Neoprene latex compound. Its use allows removal of the largest interior fuel source from the vehicle.


We offer condensed specifications which can easily be added to the seating section of any vehicle bid package.


protect & Prevent

The video below demonstrates the vast performance difference between two seat cushions. One, offering protection from the rapid spread of flames and the other creating safety hazards for ridership.

Long-Lasting Comfort

To maximize the service life of your vehicle seating, strategic use of both CR Safguard and CR Safguard XL can be utilized. Most often, CR Safguard is chosen for back cushions and headrests, while CR Safguard XL is selected to maximize the more demanding bottom cushion application.


Both products are available in multiple firmness and can be used alone or in combination to optimize comfortability.

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