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Nuvo Comfort + Durability + Cost Savings Our Nuvo barracks mattresses are composed of high-density, full depth-foam that eliminates metal springs which typically squeak, bend, rust or create discomfort. This high-density foam cushioning provides proven longevity through continued thickness and firmness retention, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. The Nuvo was designed with a proactive approach to eliminate common mattress contaminants. The inverted side seams prevent bed-bugs, the fluid resistant nylon is easily wiped clean, and the sewn seams allow the unit to breath while minimizing the retention of body heat.


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Features: 1. High-Density Foam Core 2. Flexible Fabric Foam Barrier 3. Inverted Side Seams Prevent Bed Bugs and Contamination 4. No Taped Edges which Trap Impurities 5. Fluid-Resistant Covering which Easily Wipes Clean



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