Mattresses are a necessity on many aircrafts and it is important that they exhibit comfort and accomplish proper fire performance characteristics. Chestnut Ridge Foam offers complete mattresses as well as inserts manufactured with our Airflex cushioning to achieve compliance to all airline aviation regulations.


Improve your Bottom Line

Airflex's lightweight, composite design is engineered to assist in fuel savings when fire performance certification is required. While lightweight, the Airflex cushioning is also extremely durable to ensure long life and long term cost savings.



Maximize Comfort

Airflex is offered in a variety of color coded options. These colors denote the various densities that are available for optimal comfort in airline  mattresses.



Options & Features:

  • Medical Emergency Transport Mattress
  • Crew Mattress
  • Fluid Resistant Covering - Neoprene Butyl coated nylon, lightweight, passes 14CFR 25.853(a) Appendix F,  PART I (a)(1)(ii) and 14CFR 25.853(c) Appendix F,  PART II
  • Custom Shapes & Sizes



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