For over 30 years, Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. has partnered with countless organizations in the production of cushion designs for all types of aircraft seating applications. These partners include owner/operators, repair stations, OEM seating manufacturers, and dress cover specialists.

Pilot Seat Cushioning
Aviation Floatation Seat



Our product offering is extensive including cut-to-shape, molded, sheet stock, roll goods, upholstery padding, and miscellaneous cushioning for cabin dividers, hook and loop, and FR muslin. Applications for seat cushions include: pilot/co-pilot, passenger, flight attendants, observer, and military. We also manufacture flight crew mattresses.



Our services include a complete design and sample department capable of cushion blueprints, duplication of cushions through electronic digitization, and creation of working prototypes.


We can accommodate a fast order turnaround for previously certified cushions and the capability of quickly responding to “aircraft on ground” situations.



Our fire-resistant cushioning is produced in-house, involving no middleman. Our 125,000 square foot facility houses foam manufacturing and cut-to-shape fabrication capabilities, as well as a fully equipped laboratory.



In testing for aviation purposes, our laboratory is utilized for extensive physical property testing, quality assurance, R&D, fire testing to the 14CFR 25.853(a) vertical burn, the 14CFR 25.853(c) oil burner fire test, and TS0-C72c flotation testing certification, when required. In addition, we can assist in obtaining PMA certification when necessary and we maintain an on-site Designated Engineering Representative (D.E.R.).



Our years of experience allow us to provide more assistance than simply manufacturing your finished cushion design. We help our clients through a thorough certification process for cushions, while minimizing the certification costs. We also provide owner/operator and repair station assistance in cushion design for the replacement after-market.



Aviation Upholstery Padding

Improve your Bottom Line, as well as Comfort

Airflex cushioning was developed to provide beneficial weight reduction characteristics and achieve consistent, unrivaled fire testing results. Financial savings are achieved since most applications eliminate expensive secondary fire barrier fabrics.



The Benefits of Airflex

  • Lightweight cushions allowing designs to assist
    in weight reduction.
  • Durable, economical, and comfortable.
  • Available in various levels of firmness options,
    with color coded designations.
  • Firmness levels can be used alone or in combination
    to enhance comfort.
  • Available as fire-resistant sheet stock cushioning
    and cut-to-shape cushions.
  • Does not require costly fire blocking fabric if used
    with proper flame retardant upholstery.



Our complete design and sample department are capable of cushion blueprints, duplication of cushions through electronic digitization, and creation of working prototypes. Additionally, we conduct fire testing for aviation purposes and maintain an in-house Designated Engineering Representative (D.E.R.).


Airflex Aviation Seat Cushioining
Airflex Seat Cushioning


Laboratory Capabilities:

  • Fire testing to 14CFR 25.853(a) Appendix F,  PART I (a)(1)(ii)
  • 14CFR 25.853(c) Appendix F,  PART II
  • Flotation certification TSO-C72c
  • Provide approved test plans
  • FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) in house
  • Two Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives (DMIRs) in house
  • Assistance with PMA Parts

Comfort Cushioning


Aviation Upholstery Padding
Molded Aviation Seat Cushioning

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