CR Safguard Comfort + Durability This fire-resistant mattress is designed for comfort and durability while demonstrating compliance to MIL-STD-1623E (NAVY) which contains the mattress fire performance criteria which governs the U.S. NAVY and USCG mattresses. The mattress insert is comprised of full depth foam, CR Safguard XL (Soft). When exposed to common ignition sources, CR Safguard XL forms a stable char in the area exposed to the flame. This extensive engineering effectively eliminates the mattress as a fuel source.


CR Safguard XL mattress is exceptionally durable which provides an extended service life of the mattress while maintaining its original thickness. For optimum comfort, this mattress is recommended at 4 or 5 inches thickness.


Available on:

Federal Supply Contract 36F79719D0081

 GSA eBuy can be utilized for purchase of USCG mattresses. Post under Schedule: 65IIA, SIN A74.


For instructions on how to use GSA ebuy, click HERE for the GSA issued powerpoint.


U.S. Coast Guard

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