Chestnut Ridge Foam offers various mattress products for military use in multiple facets. From full depth foam mattresses to foam toppers, we meet many requirements and specifications to satisfy individual entities.

Full Depth Mattresses


CR Safguard  XL Soft


This fire-resistant mattress is designed for improved comfort and durability while demonstrating compliance to MIL-M-18351F(SH) .


This mattress insert is comprised entirely of CR Safguard XL Soft fire-resistant polychloroprene (Neoprene) compound cushioning CR Safguard XL Soft, compliant with performance specification MIL-PRF-20092L and MIL-PRF-20092M. When exposed to common ignition sources, CR Safguard XL Soft forms a stable char in the area exposed to the flame. This extensive engineering of  CR Safguard XL Soft effectively eliminates the mattress as a fuel source. Additionally, CR Safguard XL Soft is exceptionally durable which provides an extended service life of the mattress while maintaining its original thickness.


The mattress core is covered with breathable, cotton ticking per Federal Specification CCC-C-436E, Type II and fire-retardant per NFPA 701, also complies with the fire safety criteria for mattress ticking stated in MIL-STD-1623E (SH).


Sizes may be customized to meet the required specification.

military mattress


Mattress topper


CR LS-200c / CR Safguard  Med


To encompass the necessary requirements and implement them onto an existing mattress, Chestnut Ridge Foam offers a fire-resistant topper padding. This application utilizes CR LS-200c, a polychloroprene (neoprene) cushioning latex along with 3/8" of CR Safguard Medium, a fire-resistant foam cushioning.


In accordance with NAVSEA 05Z6 PD 5-04A, this topper is utilized for specialized fire resistant innerspring mattresses for use aboard United States Navy vessels.


Sizes may be customized to meet the required specification.






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