the multi-use mattress

Our Siesta lodging mattresses are designed specifically for use in various group homes or facilities. Some of these may include but are not limited to: military barracks, transitional housing, emergency shelters, fire stations, treatment centers, halfway houses, national and state park cabins, employee quarters, hostels and more.

Often an afterthought in many mattress offerings, Chestnut Ridge Foam understands the need for comfort, durability, and safety for these distinct applications. Our Siesta FFB and Siesta SR offer two diverse mattresses that are composed of high-density, full depth-foam that eliminates the metal springs which typically squeak, bend, or rust.  The modern full depth foam concept also eliminates the eventual discomfort to the occupant due to “feeling the springs”.

Siesta® FFB

Siesta FFB is manufactured with a higher density, solid foam core and wrapped with a flexible fire barrier. Cover options include fluid resistant vinyl and nylon as well as cotton covers for a residential feel. Replacement covers are also available.

1. High-Density Foam Core


2. Fire Barrier Fabric


3. Inverted Side Seams Prevent Fluid Contamination

    & Decrease Heat-Retention


4. No Taped Edges which Trap Impurities


5. Fluid-Resistant Covering which Easily Wipes Clean


Siesta® FFB SR

Siesta FFB SR is a premium mattress designed for those who love options - two styles in one mattress, creating the ultimate in mattress comfort.


One surface utilizes a 1 1/2” layer of high density, quality memory foam for those who enjoy the body conforming attribute of a slow recovery mattress. The base is constructed with high density, durable foam for added support and comfort.


Siesta FFB SR achieves fire performance through the use of a fire barrier fabric with cover options including fluid resistant vinyl and nylon as well as cotton covers for a residential feel. Replacement covers are available.


1. Fluid Resistant Coated Vinyl or Nylon

2. Fire Barrier Fabric

3. High Density Memory Foam

4. High Density Polyurethane





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